Sunday, June 30, 2013

Gorebash, The Friendly Orc

Gorebash is an Adult Sim, so look in that Age category in the Sim Bin. You will need Supernatural, as he uses the werewolf teeth that came with that EP, as well as the werewolf jaw sliders.

CC List
Gorebash is packaged with a custom default skin, from Navetsea's Blog, "Sexy" version.

Gorebash was made with Master Controller installed with slider ranges set to 3. If you don't have a slider range hack, do not adjust his looks or they will snap back to default ranges.

Hair by aikea_guinea
Default Beard Replacement by Robokitty
Nose and Eye Contour "blush" version, by Arisuka
Natural Lip Color by Arisuka
Subtle Wrinkles as Age Detail, by Arisuka
Eyebags, V4  by Tifa (site will not post as direct link, you must look under "costume" makeup for Eyebag V4.)

Custom Sliders

Stretched Lobe Slider by Littlecat
Brow Depth Slider by awtmk
Jaw and Chin Width Sliders by ahmad (bella3lek4 of Modthesims)
Chin To Neck Slider by wojtek (Link no longer seems to work, perhaps the download has been deleted. If anyone knows of another slider by someone else, that should work. Let me know)

Gorebash is packaged with Base Game Clothing, to allow for those without Dragon Valley. The following items are pictured but NOT included in the download:

Shirt from Dragon Valley, in the Sims Store.
Elven Pants and Boots by monca533

Download - Mediafire

This Sim is also available on Modthesims, if you prefer to get it from there. Leave a comment and don't forget to hit the "thanks" button!

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